We’re the master of all trades when it comes to being your dedicated supply chain partners. With us, you get a host of services ranging from Warehousing to Freight Forwarding as well as International Shipping and Distribution.

Freight Forwarding

We provide full end-to-end Freight Handling and Forwarding services including:

  1. Clearance Processing (customs clearance)
  2. Sea Freight
  3. Trucking (domestic & GCC services)
  4. Air Freight
  5. Sea-to-Air Solutions

With such a large portfolio of logistics services and port infrastructure, let us take care of your business, and help it grow across the Middle East and beyond.

Container Freight Station (CFS)

Our proven cross-docking container and cargo operations, servicing and combining all transportation modes; sea freight, air freight and trucking from and into containers, including lashing, bracing and securing of your cargo. We ensure quality precision handling, fast rotation and deliveries of your products to your intended customers and destinations.

Trucking and Distribution

A full variety of trucks and extensive trucking equipment together with experienced staff and operators are dedicated towards effective delivery and execution of your distribution needs. A 24/7 fully-automated IT system ensures that all aspects of the distribution chain work flawlessly and efficiently.

Warehousing & Supply Chain Solutions

Our “Food & Agriculture Accredited” temperature controlled storage units (both ambient and cold stores) with 9 different cells and temperature zones, are deployed to ensure optimum storage of your temperature-sensitive and perishable goods. All warehouses are tailored to handle large inventories for both short-term and long-term storage, and are an ideal solution to reach your clients in the UAE, Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia. For our petrochemical and commodity industry clients, we have large Quay Yard Storage areas, catering for various industries. The Yards are equipped with the cranes, forklifts and other heavy operating, handling and lifting equipment necessary. All warehouse operations are controlled and executed through a high-end and real time WMS Inventory management system.